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Originally Posted by san rensho View Post
I'm a nube to track alignment, but isn't the rule of thumb to dial out the rear camber, about 1 deg less than than the front, as close to 0 toe in the front and soft front sway bar, hard rear sway bar?
You might be totally right with that and as I said I am noob myself.
So I trusted the advise of my (very experienced) suspension guy.

Our main goal was to dial out understeer, that's why we went with very aggressive front camber. Of course now that I went the camber route to get rid of understeer I have to be careful not to make the rear swaybar too hard , otherwise I could potentially introduce (snap) oversteer.
With my current setup the car has lost all of it's understeer and when reaching the linit tends to (controllable) oversteer a little (which I prefer more than underster).

But as I said I am learning and would love to compare setup data
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