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Tail light woes(me crying about stuff)

I am so utterly disappointed in the tail light setup. A few months back, I was told that my passenger brake light was out. Pulled out the assembly expecting to replace a bulb, but instead saw that one of the metal strips had popped out. No big deal...popped it back in and it felt very secure, so I forgot about it.

Got pulled over today because both brake lights and my drivers side parking light were out(was rainy, so had headlights on). Same deal, with both brake lights this time. But, the side marker(park light) is not as straight forward. All of the metal strips seem fine, but as soon as I put the unit back into the tl, it goes on and off at random. Tried tapping and wiggling, but can't get it to stay on or even go out with any consistency. Just randomly.

Anyway, I drove screws through the darn metal strips and into the plastic behind to secure them. Still stumped on the side marker, though.

Bad Porsche, bad!

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