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Originally Posted by bar10dah View Post
Jb92563, when did you last fly?! An aircraft may descent to 1,000 ft AGL above populated areas and 2,000 ft from the nearest obstacle (like, a radio tower), and 500 ft AGL above unpopulated areas. Or, by recounting the 1,200 ft AGL, you're referring to one of the two Class E surface areas, the other being 700 ft AGL? In that case, he's legal as long as he's talking to the tower.

Topless, I feel the same way. Quite a few of the comments in the story just didn't make sense. Perhaps the story is true. But I just can't imagine a "seasoned" pilot making the mistakes and/or poor judgement he did. And then documenting it on the internet for eternity...
I was thinking of the Class E airspace around the airport.

I know there are areas where you can fly that low but I did not think that would be one of them. I did not check the sectionals for that area.

Like the others said I'm sure the tale has gotten a bit taller since the pilot gave his accounting of it.

PS: I fly weekly for fun, I have 2 aircraft at the airport about 4 miles from home.
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