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Originally Posted by OldMacTech View Post
Little vague I guess. I meant the whole assembly that raises up then lowers to cover the top when its retracted. Boot or boot cover maybe it's called?

When mine has the left side pushrods a the rest of the mechanism connected it raises and lowers easily by hand with very little resistance. When I connect both sides, the right will not go down at all even with light pressure applied by hand. Just curious if this tells why the right plastic ball joint broke. is supposed to resist and only move by motor?

Sorry if this is 1st grade material... New to the breed.

That assembly is called the "clamshell" and it is controlled and driven by one of the two arms of the lever on each side (left and right sides) through the black "hydraulic" pushrod.

The front pushrods (the ones that terminate in a plastic ball cup that is either red or white) control and drive the canvas-covered convertible top frame.

If all four pushrods are connected, the top (both the top frame and the clamshell) is only supposed to move by means of the electric motor driving the transmissions through the vinyl-covered drive cables. The V-levers are bolted on with a keyway slot that mates up with each transmission's output flange.

If you want to check whether anything is binding, disconnect all four pushrods and move the convertible top frame by hand through its range and do the same for the clamshell. Each of these two assemblies should glide easily and move with almost zero resistance.

Regards, Maurice.
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