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Originally Posted by pierre shags View Post
dec2 boxeer
I got informed by a relative that a Porsche Boxster S 2005 with 40k miles with broken engine was available for 16k but is now 13k.

feb19 boxeer
I'm selling a perfectly working condition 42023 miles only transmission. It's out of a 2005+ Porsche Boxster S.

So you bought a car with a broken engine and you want to sell the transmission that you say works perfectly. How do you KNOW? To quote thstone:
"The risk of buying a car without a working engine is that you have no way to verify if the other systems in the car are in good working condition (suspension, transmission, drivetrain, all electrical components, cooling, etc…)"

Serious question.
He had an IMS failure and is parting out his car. Read the other threads before you go accusing someone of selling bad parts.

Good luck Boxeer
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