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Its also called axle hop or wheel hop and yes, its normal on our cars (and many, many other cars).

It happens because the suspension allows the wheel to move up as its reaching maximum traction (the torgue winds up the suspension) rather than keeping the wheel firmly on the ground and having the tire spin. The net result is that the tire "hops" up and down as it grips, loses grip, and grips again.

Blue2000s is correct that this is VERY hard on the transaxle and CV joints. Don't get me wrong, the car is built to take some abuse but damage can occur so you're best bet is to minimize axle hop to avoid any problems.

Unless you are willing to do some suspension mods (usually starting with at least new shocks), then you'll have to live with it. Drag racers go so far as to install special "torque arms" or other suspension mod's to eliminate it.
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