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Originally Posted by The Radium King View Post
but suckers like me w/ 7.2 are screwed. there was a guy posting here a few months ago who was getting in with some kind of bench machine and some freeware stuff that worked with the bosch computers, but all a bit over my head:

ME5.2.2 Bench Flash Pinouts also ME7.2 required

ME7.2 - Boot Mode

if you search the software he's using (galletto) you get this:

Galletto ECU Flasher v1260

it looks like it will read AND write to the 7.2 and 7.8 dme and that all you need is maps. since mr. fook has uploaded the 7.2 maps as per his posts, i presume that any tuning software can modify it, hence, we should be there ?!?!?

OK, just to make sure we don't go off down the wrong path here..... The Galletto software will, indeed, read and write all three ECU types mentioned here (ME5.2.2, ME7.2 and ME7.8) BUT there are different software versions for different years and different Porsche models, so it is always preferable to read out the ECU that is in your own car before modifying it's maps and then re-flashing the modified version of your own original file back to the original car it came from.

The ME7.2 map which I pulled from my 2001 3.2 Boxster S, has car specific values in the downloaded binary, such as the chassis number, so uploading my tuned file into another Boxster S, which had the same software revision on the ECU, would show my chassis number on the other Boxster, when looking with Durametric of PIWIS, for example.

The checksum in each ECU file is another problem in so much as any change you make to the ECU file, must be reflected by a change to the checksum and if this checksum is not updated so that it holds the correct value for the modified ECU, your car will not function. The tunning software companies are not stupid and charge an arm and a leg for the checksum calculation modules. :-)

I use a company in England to modify my ECU files and the cost works out at around $125 per file I send them, at current exchange rates (80 Pounds Sterling) ... For this, they take my original file and modify the ignition and fuel maps, calculate a new correct checksum and email me the tuned file.

I have now completed the 2.5 the 3.2 tunes and am very happy with the results, although I am now delving much deeper into the ECUs with software, which I have now bought.
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