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Originally Posted by Appleguy View Post
Hey, im in the bay area. Not knowing exactly where you are in nor cal, you can try to talk to Sonic Motorsports in Mountain View (ask for Darwin). They do body kits on high end exotics and work very closely with a great paint/body shop.

I installed my factory Aero Kit II myself. I had a friends body shop paint it and I did the labor to install it. I don't think that I'd have the patience to try that again with an aftermarket one as I've have horrible experiences in the past.

Good luck!

Hey Mark, I am in the sacto area. I am pretty much convinced that the body shop will do everything for me. Now it is a matter of finding one worthy of a boxster without ripping me off. thanks for the referral to sonic, i may use them if nobody local is recommended,

btw, ur car is pretty damn awesome!!!
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