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Originally Posted by Ghostrider 310 View Post
GT3 Front bumper cover is an easy installation provided you study the job first in the Bentley book. Take your time and go slow and careful as not to scratch anything. While you have it off don't forget to clean the radiators. I can't speak to the side piece install, the other question is are you going to have all this pre painted, other wise might as well let the body shop do the entire gig.
Yeah, this is just an attempt to save a few $. Take everything apart, fit to car, and bring to body shop to paint, install after paint done.

Originally Posted by Johnny Danger View Post
Good luck attempting this on your own . I suggest that you hook yourself up to a Haldol drip first !!!!!!!!
Or as Johnny put it so eloquently, I should just bring the damn parts to the shop, drive the car there, and throw them the keys.

Thanks for the replies guys!
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