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I voted to leave it stock because there is less effort in shifting and a SS is pretty much only for Bragging Rights.

A Short Shifter's only purpose is to speed up the shifting, but at the expense of effort.

In day-to-day driving, there really is no reason to shift any faster than the stock shifter will.

On the Track, it usually isn't your Shifting Time (so much as technique and Clutch Release) which costs you time. The SS alone won't usually allow you to realize any improvement.

'Course, Bragging Rights do have some priority, so if you just want it, go for it!

Happy Motoring!...Jim'99

PS If I were going with the SS kit, I'd probably go with the B&M simply because they're the OEM Supplier. I suspect that Porsche probably reviewed both of them before selecting B&M, although I'm sure the Vertex is also adequate.

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