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ME5.2.2 Bench Flash Pinouts also ME7.2 required

I am currently in the process of downloading binaries from each type of DME in my vehicles and have just finished reading the ME5.2.2 from my 1999 2.5 Boxster.

It took me ages to make sure that I had the right pinouts and now have my 1st Porsche binary, using a spare ME5.2.2 ( 0261204605 ) ECU, prior to doing it on the actual car in question.

I thought that it would save someone else the time, in future, if I uploaded a pinout photo. :-)

I used a Galletto cable and a home made Bench interface, which has an OBD2 socket, K-Line connector, L-Line connector(For older cars), 2 * +12v connectors, 2 *-12v connectors, a switched -12v connector (For putting an ECU into boot mode) and finally a switched +12v connector (Just in case)

The Pinouts for the ME5.2.2 are as follows:

+12v = pins 26 and 56 (You need to supply +12v to both of these pins)
-12v = pin 28
K-Line = pin 88
L-Line = pin 87

I am now trying to find the right pinouts to use so that I can read the ME7.2 from my 2001 Boxster S, but the only think I can really get from the workshop manuals is a rough overview of each of the 5 connectors which go into the ME7.2 ( 0261204790 ) ... Is there anyone who would be able to shed some light on the right pinouts, including the boot mode pinout?

Here is a photo of the ME7.2:
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