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Originally Posted by coreseller View Post
Congrats. 33, paid off house, new to you paid off Porsche in a few months, you're doing something right. Enjoy the Porsche and feeling like a rock star for the first year of so of ownership. Don't worry about the IMS, deal with it when you address a clutch replacement if you want.
This is my first manual so I'm sure a clutch replacement isn't too far off

My home isn't my "dream house" but at least it's a "real" house, not a "house" on wheels in a park I use to be a real estate agent and bought investment property, flipped some homes, rented out others, and did alright until the market crashed. I could have picked up a decent rehab and flipped it for the price of this porsche but I said no, get the porsche, I'm not getting any younger, more houses will come along.

Hope to sell this for ~5k and pick up a 3.4 S in a few years after getting tired of the "weak" 2.5. My other car (winter beater now?) is a Toyota Avalon 3.0 so even a 2.5 boxster is much faster.

Thanks for all the support! Never know what you're going to get on a forum, but you guys are great.
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