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Rennline Pedal Install Guide

I installed a set of Rennline aluminum pedals to allow me to adjust the height of the accelerator pedal to help me with my heel/toe technique on the track. Also, I thought that they looked pretty cool on a few other cars that I had seen.

Overall, the install was fairly easy and straightforward. Took me about 90 mins with no cussing (that might be a first!).

This is the set that I bought - brushed perforated aluminum 3-pedal set, red annodized accelerator extension, and adjustable accelerator lift plate.

Here is the stock pedal setup. I've always had a problem reaching the accelerator while heel-and-toeing because it seems so much lower than the brake pedal. Of course, I've ridden/driven with others who have no problem at all with the stock pedal setup, but its been a struggle for me, and thus the desire for the accelerator lift plate.

The first step is to cut out and tape the template for the accelerator lift plate onto the accelerator:

Then drill the three big holes for the cover plate nuts and three holes to mount the lifter plate. Be careful to drill at exactly the correct spot for a good fit. If the holes are off, use the drill or a Dremel to customize the fit (I had to use the Dremel a bit myself):

Next install the lifter plate using three screws:

The red accelerator extension plate mounts to the rear of the accelerator cover plate with three small screws/nuts and then uses the same screws to mount to the lifter plate. The height of the cover plate is adjusted using these same screws.

With the accelerator finished, sit up and take a short break from being crunched up under the dash.

Next, the brake and clutch pedal install are identical. First, remove the existing rubber covers and line up the brake/clutch cover and mark and drill the first hole. Be sure to check for clearance for the nut behind the pedal before you drill.

Next, attach the brake/clutch cover using a screw/nut and then drill the second hole and install the second screw/nut to finish the installation:

The final look is very nice and now the accelerator is up closer to the brake height which should improve my heel/toe technique (or at least I can't blame the car anymore!).
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