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it's absolutely possible to plumb it over to the vent. i plan on doing this w/ some SCAT hose; just haven't gotten around to it.

the airbox outlet & the throttle body inlet are the same size, but for some reason, porsche chose a MAF housing with a larger size. the throttle & airbox outlet are matched, though, so there's not really any benefit to up-sizing the BMC box. i think it's the biggest one they make, anyway. i think it's 85mm.

with the 2.5 / 2.7L boxsters, you would NOT step up. instead, you would have a smaller MAF (from a 535i instead of a 540i) housing.

i'll try to post a sound clip this weekend. hard to separate the sound of the inlet from the exhaust, car is LOUD.

Originally Posted by The Radium King
hey insite - i've been looking at those bmc inline cone filters too. i note that you don't have yours plumbed-in to the side vent - is it possible? i also note that you step-up the diameter on the outflow of the air box; does the larger filter with the larger output diameter not fit in the space available (i ask given that, as soon as you start making air fit into different sized spaces, you are doing more work)?
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