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Originally Posted by BMAN_986
Should I consider getting the RMS/IMS/Clutch done as well as some kind of preemptive strike against the failure even though they could be fine. From what I see the IMS replacement is usually done with superior parts than those fitted from new so the chance of failure post changing are slim to none.

Do we see more failures on the base model rather than the 'S' model?
As you do more of your research on this forum and others related to Boxsters, you'll find that there are more than a few that have, for peace of mind, chosen to do the clutch/IMS/RMS "pre-emptively". For the mileage you're considering, the clutch could likely be due anyways.

The IMS bearing can be done with "superior" parts, or it could be done with the original parts. In the case of the original part, personally I wouldn't use it as it's already known to fail. In the case of the "superior" part, there isn't enough hard evidence out there to show the problem is permanently eliminated. Until that body of evidence is available, even the makers of the "superior" bearing are recommending it be checked every 50k miles IIRC.

In all my Boxster forum surfing I have not come across anything to make me believe the base or S has more IMS failures. Apparently the automatic tranny does suffer less failures. And Boxster engines don't like to be lugged.

And of course make sure you get a good PPI done before buying.
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