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Originally Posted by clickman

This company says "There have been instances of this piece breaking possibly causing some major damage to the tonneau cover. I've heard reports of up to $2000 damage."

Others have said that they're plastic for a reason - as a cheap break point in case of an issue.

$70 seems like cheap insurance if I have a chance of a $2000 problem.

Maurice, would you opine, please...

You don't have to spend $70 because you can buy just the plastic ball cups from the guy in the Netherlands.

They are indeed plastic for a reason. The biggest concern with using the aluminum or metal ball cups that someone has had manufactured is because of the FORCE of that little electric motor. If there is a top malfunction, the plastic ball cups are designed to give way before any further damage is caused. The $2,000 quote is on the lower end of the cost of possible damage if one of the lugs at the base of each B-pillar (onto which a steel ball is mounted to accept the plastic ball cup) breaks. The convertible top frame is made of magnesium and the individual parts are astronomical.

In addition, if only one side lets go and you are not paying attention, you run the risk of tweaking the clamshell and that's not a cheap fix either once it gets really tweaked.

If you want to get an idea of the force of that electric motor, consider that there are instances where the V-lever is bent at a right angle. If you examine the thickness and ribbed design of the V-lever, you will be amazed that anything connected with the top can bend it.

Stick with the plastic ball cups, whether you buy the complete pushrod assembly from Porsche or get just the cups by themselves.

Regards, Maurice.

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