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Originally Posted by kavlono
I have a 2007 Boxster I bought new. The other day I was putting down the top and flipped open the latch and the top began to open but caught on the tip of the latch and I heard a loud "SNAP" coming from behind me and the top stopped moving although the top cover continued to cycle. What happened? Can I fix it ( I am not very mechanical oriented) and if not how much would the dealer charge me to fix it.

PS. I am able to raise and lower the top manually so there is no emergency.

Chaudanova is right on the money.

Your white (in your case) plastic ball cups have both broken apart. If only the ball cup on one side had broken, the canvas part of the top would continue to operate, although it would lurch slightly, with one side leading or trailing the other, depending on which cycle it was on (open or close).

The front pushrods onto which those plastic ball cups are screwed on drives the canvas covered frame part of the convertible top and the black "hydraulic" pushrods drive the clamshell, both being driven by the V-Levers.

Porsche only sells the front pushrods as a complete assembly (with the plastic ball cups attached), but they are available from an independent seller who has had them manufactured in Europe.

Be careful if you have been operating your clamshell with the electric button as the now-dangling front pushrods can dig into the foam drain trays and tear them. You will then get water intrusion into the cabin when you wash the car or when it rains, where the water will then promptly head for the central alarm computer under the driver's seat.

Regards, Maurice.
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