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Bluish smoke on startup...

I just bought a 01 Boxster 2.7, a very low mileage 30000 km (< 20000 miles) car.

Had been enjoying the car tremendously but today, I noticed that there was a big cloud of bluish smoke coming out from the exhaust when starting the engine from cold. Just one cloud, when I got out of the car to see, there was no more smoke coming out from the exhaust.

This is the first time I've noticed it.

I did notice that when I checked the engine oil level, (on the dashboard), when engine is cold, the oil level is way high, above the high mark. When I check again when the engine is hot, the level is just at the high level.

Can this be the problem - engine oil too high ?? Or can it be something worse ???

I bought the car, before I found this forum, so now I guess I'm alittle worried about IMS, RMS etc...

* A second question - as this is the first boxster I've driven - on lighter throttle, ie not full throttle and less than 4k rpm, the engine is very smooth and refined, on full throttle and above 5k rpm the engine seems to take a different personality and produces a loud mechanical metallic roar that frankly scared me... looking at the tacho, the rpm sweeps towards the red line with much gusto though... Is this normal or should I have the car look at ??

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