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987 holders are even higher, folding out of the panel above the glove box door.
I have two different very nice closing lid mugs that fit the holder well. One is from Starbucks and only holds 16 oz. It also takes two hands to open, so it's not my favorite although it seals best when closed. You rotate the top ring of the mug and the inner top raises and lowers to seal. You can not disassemble this multi piece lid to clean it properly. MY daughter gave it as a gift and I'm sure it was standard Starbucks fare............
The other is a 20 oz. mug that is reduced daimeter for about 2.5" from the bottom, so it fits most standard holders, then it expands to full diameter and has a simple two piece, snap-on lid with a 3/8" diameter drinking hole and very small vent hole and a rotating plate that opens and closes the lid. The rotating plate has a lug on each side so it may be opened right or left handed. I use it right handed for the center cup holder in the Box and left handed for the dash ledge top cup holder in my Fit. The two piece lid also snaps apart for easy, thorough cleaning. I wish I knew where it was purchased.
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