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Originally Posted by DANMKII
For what it's worth, I honestly thought the same thing when I first read this thread...

But since the OP clarified this was not his intent, please post up pictures of a side by side shot with your neighbor!
It may take a while but i will get pics of both side by side somehow.......

adam, i can understand how you would think what was said is jealousy, but i know that buying a sweet car requires hard work and smart spending. I am not looking to change anyones' mind or perception in any way but i am not a jealous person. It was his money, but a similar situation would be if i got a new sienna minivan and my neighbor just bought one after i had, it would look like a copycat. I hope that he asks for help and i can find out if i really want to buy one(yes i do want a 996/997 but not right now)
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