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Originally Posted by Bradster
I found the micro switch and it was engaged. I manually released the button and the top (motor) worked. The question is, the button was engaged as it is supposed to be, but the motor won't work until I released the button on the switch. Obviously, you can't be expected to remove the panel and release the switch manually every time you want the top up, so how is it supposed to work? Is there a reverse relay? Also, I would point out that the dash light does not go out even when the top is fully down. This is a new car to me so I am just trying to make the top work properly. I suppose I can just disable the micro switch. I had to bend the contact anyway.

Thanks. I am getting there, slowly but surely.

The reverse function is incorporated in the double relay that is in the relay tray in the kick panel, and it is triggered by the B-Pillar Microswitch.

Here is a photo of its location, with the red arrow pointing to it:

Your relay should have a small black triangle where you now see the small black square in the relay in the photo. If yours has this black square, you have the wrong ("B Version") relay installed.

The fact that your dash light is not going out when your top is fully down indicates that there is not a long enough "after-running time" measured from the moment that the black lever microswitch on top of the electric motor is depressed by the clamshell as it is closing down on top of it. The difference between enough and not enough time is measured in fractions of a second.

You could try to "fool" the double relay by successively adding 1/4 inch thick foam blocks onto the underside of the clamshell so that the black lever microswith is tripped slightly earlier and earlier as you keep adding to the thickness. That may result in the light going off, and, if your double relay is not faulty, it may resolve the other issue with the B-Pillar microswitch.

Regards, Maurice.
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