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Originally Posted by Tomikaze
I have no issues with my top meaning it works. No issues going up or down. But, when the top is up there are some squeaks that come from random place. I don't think it's rubber seals rubbing together. My brain is telling me something is loose. I've searched on here and have found threads about top tensioners but I think those relate more to the top functioning properly (going up and down). Are there any adjustments that can be made to reduce any squeaks and rattles? -Tom

If you think that the sqeaks are being caused by a "loose" top, there is a way to increase the tension on the top.

You can adjust the "tension ropes" that are attached on the bottom surface of the rear main bow. These are the cables that you have to detach when putting the top in the service position.

There is an adjusting bolt at the point where the lower end of each cable attaches to the steel ball. The bolt is 14mm and, IIRC, turning the bolts Clockwise will increase the tension on the top, as the rear main bow will be pulled down.

There is also an adjustment that can be made to the front pushrods on the V-levers. That adjustment affects the way in which the front edge of the top meets up with the windshield frame's top horizontal surface.

Regards, Maurice.
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