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Fred Demara
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Originally Posted by dsnell1004

I am going to take this out in my garage. What type of jacks, stands, special tools, clearance do I need to remove the engine? also do you know anyone that has a 3.2l for sale?
with the rear bumper off, you won't need much clearance. I used 4 regular jack stands, and placed extra stands (inches from the car) incase anything fell...I raised the stand to the highest level, and had no problems.

I put a piece of duct tape on everything I disconnected, and put a number if I disconnected a wire, I would tape both sides, then write on the the tape #7..then, in a notebook, i would write #7, electrical front passengers side, top of engine. Took longer, but putting everything back together was much easier.

I used a floor trans jack to lower the engine. Best of luck!
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