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Originally Posted by Paul
82K on my 2001, no signs of needing a water pump, AOS, RMS or clutch yet.....
By the time the clutch shows symptoms of needing replacement you'll also need a new flywheel..

At 40-50 K the clutch disc is worn very close to the rivets, but that is dependant upon the driver.

I believe in being proactive, if the tranny is pulled you replace every part that may see wear in the next life of the replaced clutch.. It only makes sense.

When I assemble a new engine it gets a new clutch, pressure plate and even a flywheel if its worn, so I can rebalance the entire assembly and keep it that way for as many miles as possible without parts needing replacement.

These days the only clutches we see are when doing IMS retrofits or when attempting to save engines that have already featured a failure..
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