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Originally Posted by Perfectlap
what does a faulty clutch on this car feel/sound like? The usuall rattle/chatter?
I've got 65K on mine works well.
Although my engine seems to be making a louder rattle when its shut down after parking. I'm thinking of doing this retrofit and pushing the shocks out later.
Kind of pricey to do both right now.
The clutch will get super heavy or light. Normal slipping etc.

Dude tell me about it,the overpriced crap from Porsche is starting to annoy me now that I'm looking at other cars. I was looking to switch to a 01' z06 recently and called shops for 09' z06 shocks(fit on c5 vettes)....$400($236 parts)....installed.
-99' Zenith Blue 5-spd...didn't agree with a center divider on the freeway
-01' S Orient Red Metallic pit...sold to buy a house
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