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I went to the German Autofest / Porsche Show this morning in Ventura. Charles Navarro was there and I had the privilege and pleasure of talking to him for a long time, as well as introducing him to my dealer's lead technician. The LN Engineering parts are really well made. During the discussion, Charles and the mechanic agreed that more frequent oil changes are probably one of the best preventative measures for prolonging time until IMS and other failures on the M96 engines. Also, cars that are driven often and hard seem to have a lot fewer failures than garage queens. Neither was particularly impressed with the quality of many of the engine parts

I'm planning to look seriously at the retrofit LN Engineering IMS bearing when my clutch needs to be replaced. Until then, I'm just planning to drive, maintain and enjoy my car.

If anyone is local to any upcoming Porsche show and LN Engineering is an exhibitor, I heartily recommend attending just to talk to Charles and get smarter on what can be done to improve the lifespan of these engines.
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