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Towing a Boxster

Here is my question again. Mechanically what does any one know what would prevent a 2005 Boxster from being flat towed that would harm the vehicle mechanically, electrically, etc.
I've been towing a Corvette that also says don't do this for the last 5 years. As far as ground clearence they look almost the same. This past summer while at Road Atlanta I saw a boxster Im thinking it was a 2000 being towed behind a motorhome with what looked like a BlueOx Kit with gravel screen and bug deflector. Which is what I would also like to do. Supprisingly I also think Ive located a mounting frame that bolts up to the car. It would involve removing various parts of the front bumper and cover and mount rigidly to the frame work. last and probably worst putting 2, 1-3/4" holes in the cover for removable tow pin.
I understand trailering is the best but in many venues there is no reseanable way to store a trailer in a 45 or 50' camping spot if you taking up 40 ' of it with a motorhome. The boxster is actually more fun to drive and it really would be nice to be able to enjoy the car while traveling and not have the headache of dealing with a trailer.

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