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Originally Posted by Topless
Get your error codes and narrow the search first. A Porsche DME is very sensitive. There are about 200 possible reasons a CEL came on... anything a from loose gas cap or dip stick to total engine failure. If it is serious your CEL will flash which means stop driving now. A steady light indicates a minor issue. You can go to Autozone and get your CEL codes read for free or buy a pocket code reader for about $40 to keep in your car.

Get your error codes and report back here. Someone has surely experienced the same issue and can tell you if it a simple DIY or indy repair tech time.


I am looking into code readers now, can you recommend a certain brand or store to buy one from that will help with a Boxster? I don't have access to a lap top, so I am looking for a standalone product that will read and reset codes.

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