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Comparison with a Viper...

I'm sure the experience is different for everyone, but here is my take. The Viper is a monster. You hit the gas and all hell breaks loose. Be very careful with the throttle in a corner or you WILL lose it. It has amazing grip "right up until it kills you" (rough quote from Top Gear but very appropriate). The torque is amazing, you always win impromptu "roll-ons". I would liken it to a roller-coaster ride; it is fun, but you always come away shaky. The attention it draws is just crazy. The rear tires are often sliding or smoking. Basically it is a cartoon car with cartoon effect. Insane.

I have much more limited experience in the Boxster - It seems a lot more refined, smoother, funner going the speed limit. It seems to draw less attention. All the controls are much lighter. The interior is more refined and friendly. Way easier to jump in and out of. I can actually relax in a Boxster. I won't ever have to pop the hood to show the engine. Sane.

I guess I would summarize thus: if I want to go out and have an outrageous over the top testosterone laced driving experience I would drive the Viper; if I want to have a sublime tactile 'sheer joy of driving' experience I would drive the Boxster.
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