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Originally Posted by renzop
Figure it this way - $12000 for the new motor. $4000 for the new computer. $5000 for installation and engineering to make it all work. That's $21K and you would still have a car that's worth $20K and has no warranty.

Or you can buy a new S for $65K and sell your old car for $20K. Total out of pocket will be $45K and you will end up with a car with a resale value of $60K and has a 4 year 50K mile warranty.

Its hard to find an upside to the engine swap.

As the years go by this equation is likely to improve for the used Boxster owner. Accidents & mistreatment will produce a pool of donor vehicles so it's not out of the question for those among us who can't afford to buy a new one. I think the suggestions in last months Excellence for the M96 combined with a careful selection of conrods and pistons could produce a real sleeper for the older Box owner and a true performance gain for much less money than an 09 unit.

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