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Originally Posted by Lil bastard
I agree, I think the 986 is the better design. If you look at cars through the years, the initial design almost always gets it right, or nearly right.

'Facelifts' are usually the product of trying to update (or contemporize) the car with the trends of that period without a total redesign. The look is 'tacked-on'. Many times, it's also just the design studio's way to justify their salaries. This process almost always 'freezes' the 'facelift' more definitely to a specific period than the initial design.

I think the vent covers is a good case-in-point. Personally, I do not like the newer ones. I feel they add an angular dimension to an otherwise 'fluid', or curving, original design.

But, think about contemporary styling of that day - everything was going 'angular' , the F-117 look - think wheels, the 'stealth' Cadillacs, Scion's, etc. In fact, Cadillac actually selected this look after their focus groups listed the most modern design as the Stealth Fighter (which was actually a crude '70's design, but not introduced to the public until the '90's by which time it had already been superceded by the much more fluid B-2).

As a design, I believe the original 986 will age much better than the later cars. In 20 years the original 986 will still look 'right' while the later cars will look more dated. But, that doesn't make it right or wrong so far as people's own personal choice is concerned.

I've also started a fund for a Raby motor. I just hope that this fund, my needs, and a Raby 'Tiptronic-friendly' motor all intersect the same point in time.

My car should need a clutch soon, so I'm planning on trying to take a preventive approach to the engine problems. Excellence had a great article about the M96 engines and Raby rebuilds and upgrades. When I do the clutch I'm going to update to the Raby IMS if available and most recent RMS. ( I also understand that the double IMS bearings can't be replaced without taking engine apart, I don't know which my car has. It's a 2000 base Boxster. ) I'm going to do more frequent oil changes, add one of Raby's oil baffles and an oil cooler to try and extend the life of the engine. It has 62,000 on it now and I would love to get 120,000 out of it before having to do a complete rebuild.
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