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Originally Posted by kabel
Let me fix that for you:

It's not always about the money

(ironically from a guy with not a lot of money )
No, it is not always about the money. But what other upsides would there be to doing the swap?

1) Ease of transaction - the new car is easier to obtain than the development process for a new engine swap

2) Reliability - the new car is new all over not just the engine. With the swap you have a bucket of old used parts surrounding a new engine. The new car comes with a warranty.

3) Handling - the new car offers wider wheels and better suspension tuning, better brakes, more sophisticated PSM and ABS

4) Interior comfort - the new car offers more room, more comfort, better ergonomics and .... drumroll please - cup holders.

The only upside I think you can give to the swap is it will be a conversation piece and the owner can take pride in doing something different. That's of very dubious value (IMHO)

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