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Originally Posted by Samson

-I drove the car from a dry climate to a rather humid climate. The day after I got home, it wouldn't start. It would turn over, but stumble and die. It did this repeatedly. I opened up the engine compartment, and dusted off the intake runners etc. to get a better look, and then it started right up. Could old dry plug wires be the culprit? I had issues like that in the past where the cracks cause arcing and no-running.

Congrats on the purchase of a low mileage Boxster!

There are no spark plug wires, each plug is fed directly from it's own coil.

Your car is just homesick and pissed that someone actually drove it for once.

Warm it up then floor it and shift it at 7000 4 or 5 times to blow out the cobwebs.
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