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Yeah well at least paypal have human beings you can interface with.

Ebay is the only Nasdaq 100 company that exists strictly for its 'powersellers'.
Anyone ever actually speak to an Ebay employee? Does Ebay really exist? Is it willie wonka and chocolate factory, just in our minds?
I don'k understand how they have been allowed to get away with this by the government for so long. Only now 5 years after their IPO have they announced that they will have telephone operators. Its like they are fully aware that they have too many people being ripped off by their sellers to ever adequately staff any type of publicly accessible telephone lines.

I bought a high end bicycle frame for $600 once. It was new alright but defective, the seller hadn't checked the bracket threads that hold the pedals to the bike. The new bike was basically worthless. Paypal, Ebay, Interfraud Center (FBI) were all useless. Paypal charged me $20 to mediate, whcih was nothing more than two emails to the seller and no one ever called or sent a letter. When you have a billion successful sales on Ebay no one cares about the 3% that go wrong.
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