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HELP! CDR-220 swap for a CDR-210 in a 1998 986

I bought a CDR-220 to put into my 1998 Boxster...after taking the CDR-210 out and wiring the additional iPOD harness, etc...I tried to slide the new CDR-220 into the old CDR-210 slot and the new CDR-220 is about 1/16 to 1/8 of an inch wider. Have any of you run into this? I removed the metal guide that the radio slides into as well. It looks like a different guide may be needed and then I need to grind/dremel the plastic just a bit to make the opening a little bigger?

I searched for old threads on this but did not find it so if there is one, my apologies and please point me to it?

Thanks for your help...I love this car. is offline   Reply With Quote