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Paragon Products

since so often people go online to vent when they have a negative customer service experience, i thought it fair to detail a POSITIVE customer service experience. if you order stuff over the internet for long enough, someone is bound to screw up an order. what do they do when it happens? how easily do they fix it? these things are VERY important to me and will permanently make or break a company for me. i will never do business again with any company which does not meet my required level of customer service. conversely, any company which treats me right will get my business for life, even if they cost more. just the way i am.

anyway, i ordered an O2 sensor from Paragon a couple of weeks ago. i ordered an OEM fit (plug-in type) sensor, but received a four-wire generic sensor. i called Paragon. they caught the mistake, immediately apologized & sent out a replacement and a shipping tag to return the other sensor. this, IMO, is exactly how this should have been handled. i doubt if even 10% of online retailers do it like this anymore. thanks for the great customer service.
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