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Skipping one's age in a question like that assumes the person composing the message knows that most everyone else on this list is 30-50 years old and JEALOUS!!! I'm more than happy to confess this in print and take full ownership of it!

Woboxster, just know that we're all very happy for you. I'll work very hard at showing you the respect you deserve as a fellow Boxster driver.

Please humor us though as we work at it though... you must understand that a guy like me saved every extra dollar for 12 long years to buy a 1997 Boxster in rough shape. When my elderly parents gave me $50 for my 40th birthday two years ago, it went right into the Porsche fund. My first car was a $400 '72 Toyota Corona Deluxe, which was a piece of crap 4 door with a 4 cylinder and an automatic transmission on the column...I'm sure you can see why we're a bit envious or jealous.

I'm sure many of the members of this forum could tell similar stories. In our 40's we're just now living a car dream that you've attained much earlier in life and that's a hard pill for us all to swallow.

Welcome to the forum, and you are indeed welcome, despite the long initiation!
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