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Originally Posted by boxs2000
Wow I almost bought those, but I was busy that weekend and could not commit to the guy selling them. Just a thought, why don't you just keep one of them and put it on the passenger side. Just fyi you don't have to run subs in stereo, they can be ran mono since bass is non directional and a single 12" could get really loud. If someone buys the woofer and you have no use for the enclosure, I may be interested in buying one to copy the mold and make a smaller one for an 8" so that it will not require as much space.
cool. keeping one and selling one would be tough since they're side specific (i.e. the passenger one only fits the passenger side). they're not a bad idea; they were just done with way to large a speaker. i think if they were done with the thin blaupunkt 8" subs, they could have been a lot thinner.
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