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I didn't realize how many of you guys experience inconveniences as well as annoyances due to some incompetent and arrogant Porsche dealers. I have nothing but praises for my dealer. It's Ira Porsche/Audi here in Danvers. Mass. I live only 3 miles from them, and this was a major reason to go to them in the first place. I bought all of my new Boxster, Audi A4, Lexus from them which I currently own and drive. Their service is prompt, impeccable, and courteous. I had brought in my Boxster for a couple of minor problems ( one cosmetic issue, and the other, CD player skipping ) both times they listened to me carefully and loaned me with another Boxster and the Audi A6 for the other occation. And I think that they really take pride in doing what they do at the Ira Motor Group. The only complaint is that their Porsche service manager seem to be replaced every time I go back, and the showroom is a little too small and noisy. I believe in building a personal relationship with salespeople as well as service people so that they grow acustomed with you as well. Anyway, I just wanted to share my experience with you.
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