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I work at an auto restoration shop and I have a suggestion. I just got done taking a Boxster interior apart last week. I used lacquer thinner to strip all the interior parts with the "soft touch" paint crap on them. Scuffed them with a green Scotchbrite and painted them with semi flat black Krylon. They look like new but, now won't get scuffed up without that "soft touch" paint on them. Coincidently, I stripped all my interior pieces that aren't already painted yellow and painted them with Krylon.

Honestly, it's a cheap fix if you've got a little time. The biggest pain is the center console but, you'd have to take it out anyway to replace it. It would be cheaper just to do it yourself and while you're at it do all the interior pieces with Krylon. Just make sure you pop off or tape off the leather pieces on the sides. The lacquer thinner does on number on those.
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