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Originally Posted by Lucky
I just introduced myself and my car on the General forum: see post

I do have a couple of perf/tech questions, so any help would be invaluable.

First off, my car's tires are ready for replacement. I'm leaning towards Bridgestone RE050 Pole Positions. Are this a good match for this car? Any alternatives y'all would suggest?

Second, shocks are OK but clearly getting soft. I'm thinking of replacing with Bilstein HDs. Keep in mind, I'm partial to the OEM ride and don't want to compromise it too much. Anyone have the Bilsteins? Happy with them? How about the Sports? Are they a bit stiff?

Finally, alignment settings. I will be getting a quality alignment at my local independent who will dial in any settings I desire from OEM specs to their own secret race setup. I don't want to go too wild, but would like a more aggressive setup. Any recommendations on camber, caster, toe front and rear?

Thanks in advance for the advice.
the RE-050A PP's are great on this car. they last a fair while, too. i have the bilstein sports (same valving as the HD). consider getting the bilstein sports if you plan to lower your car (factory M030 suspension); they're a little shorter to accomodate the lower ride height. they're a nice upgrade and don't really compromise ride quality. as for alignment, run zero toe up front, a hair of toe in in back. set your front camber to -0.5 and your rear camber to -1.7. these settings won't wear your tires badly and will be much better than stock.

also consider going to M030 sway bars if you want a better handling car; they make a huge difference for very little money. how many miles on your car, BTW? shocks shouldn't really need to be replaced before 100k miles.
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