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Short Shifter from Parts4Euro.com

986 Short Shifter Install

"Here is a Quick Video I put together"

This is the best money you will spend on a 986. It transforms the car from "a car" to "sports car" with just one reasonably simple swap.

We ordered our Agency Power short shifter from PARTS4EURO.COM......... FELIX had it shipped and we received it in 3 days

The Tools
My Boxster is a '01 2.7L, so the fitting, and the tools, may vary, but here is what I used:
- Flathead Screwdriver

- Posidrive Screwdriver

- T15 male Torx
-T20 male Tork

- T30 male Torx

- 10mm Socket with Ratchet

- 19mm Ring Spanner
-Allen key 6mm

- Utility knife

Removing the Centre Console
unclip the gear gaiter. On this model, you unclip the front first, as the rear levers and slots towards the front.

Pulling upwards on the gear knob will remove it. I've had mine off before, so it slid off easily. If your knob is a bit stiffer, I found it easier if you took off your shoes put one foot on each seat and one hand on the top of the windshield and the other hand on the knob and just pull up.
With this removed, there's a T15 Torx under where the front of the gaiter sits.

Next, you'll need to remove the ashtray
There's normally a couple of T30 Torx screws under here, Lift the switch bank out once you have undone the screws, then undo the T15 screw below, visible in the recess.

Next, you will want to undo the switches. Either unplug them, or pop the switches out - this can be done by rocking them along the shortest axis (side to side), or with the aid of a flathead.

The trim next to the handbrake should clip off easily... pull towards the driver seat

Next up, remove the rubber mat from the storage box. You'll find a single T15 securing the floor section underneath. Lift the floor section up. There's another screw in the bottom left of the pic, T15 again, and you will next need to lift out the coin holder to access another screw (T15) under this. The flathead is useful for popping the coinholder out.

Watch the lockable compartment microswitch that lives under here. You'll want to disconnect it first, before removing.

The whole centre console should now be loose and can be lifted out. You might need to angle this towards the driver's seat to clear the handbrake (pull the brake as high as you can get it !)

Installing the Short Shift Kit

The plastic cover over the front of the gear change will lift off easily, revealing the cables and connectors...

You'll want to mark the position of these within the black plastic sleeve.

Once you have marked the cables, you can slide the plastic covers to allow the cable ends to be lifted out. Push spring up and turn right!

Next, unclip the cables from the plastic housing..

The four 10mm nuts on each corner of the gear change unit can now be removed.
The gear shift unit can then be lifted out!

You'll then need to lift the gear shifter unit out for further work. There are plastic bushes holding the gear change in. The easiest way to remove these is to cut out the lugs using a sharp blade. Once you have cut each bush free, they should pop out quite easily..

Lift the old shifter out and remove the cable arm from the ball joint, then transfer to the new Shifter. It's recommended to replace these, but I didn't bother. (Don't forget the lithium grease).

Replaced with the new unit. It's easier to angle the longer 'stub' in first.
The circlips should be secured in place, to stop the bushes slipping out...
once happy, put the centre console back on - in true Haynes Manual style, refitting is reverse of removal.

Special thank you to Felix from Parts4Euro.com

Get your Agency Power Short Shifter Today for only $249

P O R S C H E . B O X S T E R

Project IronDeadPool
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Very comprehensive write-up! Thanks for posting!

FYI (for anyone looking at the "parts4euro" shifter): that is the exact same shifter that Ben006 sells for half that price ($125), except his have smooth ball bearings instead of bushings.
You can also get the same shifter on eBay for $60 or Alibaba for like $10
$250 is waaaaay too much
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Anybody try the $10 Alibaba version? I could not find one for close to that price.
But seriously, we could help our Buddy Ben is we could confirm that the $10 Alibab shifters are legit. The cheapest I could find was $38 inc shpg. And that certainly does not justify the risk of giving my credit card details to AliBaba !!
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20,86 USD + 14.29 USD shipping: https://www.aliexpress.com/wholesale?catId=0&initiative_id=SB_20161101135447&SearchText=porsche+986+short+shift+kit

Funny thing is, there is no company called epmanracing in italy.

Regards, Markus

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Markus, I am surprised you do not know this German racing team :-)

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