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DIY: Fuel filter

Pretty straight forward project. I followed Pedro's directions but found a couple pointers to help us novices. Pedro's site is fantastic for all us DIYers.
This is recommended for cars prior to 2002 with 60k plus miles. Cars after 2001 have the filter in the tank.

Difficulty: 2.5 out of 10
Cost: $29ish
Time: 45 minutes tops
Tools: 10mm socket with short extension, flathead screwdriver and something to catch about a cup of petro/gas( I used my oil catcher thing)

Procedure: 10 steps
1.) Take off Gas cap
2.) Remove plastic"middle" underneath access panel, 8 or 10 plastic scews 10mm socket. You are only removing the section bewtween the 2 tires. Both ends slide under the front and rear plastic access panels
3.) Jack the passenger side of the car up enough for you to slide under to the middle of the car. *This can be dangerous so take proper precautions. I used two jack stands but a lift is the easiest.
4.) The filter is nestled above two coolant lines next to the rear passenger tire. Pull small tube out of its holder, unscrew two inside bolts holding plastic bracket. the brackets are in two parts. top and bottom. the bottom is what you want to remove. I removed both brackets to get more play with the coolant tubes. Becareful removing the plastic brackets as they will break. I slid mine to a place were the pipes seperated and turned it sideways and it came right out.
5.) unhook the wire on the fule filter. Mine was on pretty snug and took some rocking.
6.) With flathead screwdriver unscrew the harness holding the filter. You only need to unscrew it a couple turns as it is just holding the filter the the metal harness(observe how it is on for when you put it back together).
7.) Put your oil catcher thing under the fule filter and press the button on the platic thing holding the fuel filter on. There are two, one right on the filter and the second about 8" towards the front of the car(just follow the hose). They come off pretty easy(do the front one first as it easy to get to). It takes about 2 minutes for the small amount of fuel to drain(faster if you hold it upright(don't splash it in your eye as it hurts like hell(OOPS)).
8.) Remove the styrofoam fire wall, but be gentle(located to the rear of the fuel filter) Its about 2 feet long and kind of triangular. It comes out fairly easy.
9.) Slide your fuel filter out the back were the fire wall was, between the coolant hoses.
10.) reverse the process for installing the new filter. Put your gas cap back on, start the car and check for leaks before you button it back up (remove your gas catcher away from the car when you start it!!!!!)

Thats it, you just saved yourself a small fortune.

OBSERVATIONS: It took 2 cranks to get fuel to the engine and then it hicupped a couple times and everything was fine. It revved a little high so I disconnected my batter for an hour(as I type this).

Projects completed:
1.) Serpentine belt...........$25 Gatorback w/ac
2.) Sparkplugs..................$42 Ngk-Ix-Iridium
3.) Radio replaced............$225 JVC HD50 (BB install)
4.) Tires............................$700 Sumitomo III Local shop
5.) Oil Change/air filter.....$94 catro syntec 10W40,napa gold,K&N air
6.) Speakers....................$143 Infinity Kappa F=4", R=6x4 plate
7.) Throttle body clean.....$5 Throttle body cleaner
8.) De-snorkel..................$.10 A few paper towels
9.) Alternator...................$221 Various Sockets
10.)Fuel filter...................$30 10mm socket and flat head screwdriver
11.) MAF sensor clean.....$20 t-20 tamp proof and cleaner
Projects to do:

Another Oil change [/QUOTE]

I'll take my Guns, Religion, and Money; You can keep the "CHANGE" B.O.!!


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