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What Track Spares do you bring?

I recently experienced my second on track part failure. Power steering pump went out on first practice session at LRP. Spent the day driving 45 min each way to pickup a used pump and got it installed just in time for third practice session. First failure was AOS at WG during a DE. That time I had a spare with me and didn't lose any track time.

I know no one can predict which parts are going to fail at any given time, but what spares do you all carry?

For my 04 Boxster S, (89k on odometer but not original engine) I'm thinking:
Brake pads
PS pump
Shifter Cables
Spare belt

Any other failure prone parts?

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Wow! You can change the aos between sessions? You’re hired!
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My voltage regulator bought it during my last track session.... that’s not getting swapped at the track though for sure. Managed to get home. Only a few swear words were used in that exchange!
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Almost all the guys who race these things carry two spare carriers with new hub bearings. They'll have one of each and that way they're covered for all four wheels. The rear S carriers don't go out very often, but the other style goes out very often. Specially if you ride the rumble strips a lot.
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I carry a spare brake line, bleed screw, a few coil packs, a few lug bolts, and fluids. And a spare fuel pump relay. I'll come back and update as I remember. Had to change a brake line at the parking lot of a motel at Road Atlanta once when an aftermarket stainless brake line failed in the parking lot (was likely improperly installed and the joint was stressed)
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After all these years - I've decided to bring simple stuff that I can fix easily at the track. If something major goes - I bought a winch for the trailer. I've got a spare belt, clamps, brake pads, fluids etc. but nothing major.
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The only spare part I take is an AOS.

Did you check the power steering fluid level before the event?
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Originally Posted by husker boxster View Post
The only spare part I take is an AOS.

Did you check the power steering fluid level before the event?
Yes. The pump failed and fluid overflowed the reservoir onto the top of the engine. Refilled it but still no power assist. Changed out the pump and was back on grid just in time.

It took longer to find and pickup the pump than the R&R.
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Brake pads
Brake fluid
lug bolts
set of wheels/tires
5w40 oil

If anything else fails and I can't fix it with zip ties, duct tape, self tapping screws, or hand tools, she goes home. It has only happened 3x in 12 years and 150 track days.
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I don't bring any spares.

Ok, that's not entirely true - I carry a quart of oil and some spare fuses, but that's it.

Instead, I am fanatical about maintenance. Here is what I do:

1. Careful observation during the previous track event: How did the car run? How did it feel? Any weird noises? Any strange vibrations? Any smoke (even for a moment)? Anything at all out of the ordinary? I don't ignore anything. I trust my gut that if I think that something isn't right, then it probably isn't right. Almost every component provides a sign or an indication that its getting ready to fail - pay attention to the signs.

2. Detailed inspection/investigation before the next event: Start with what you noticed from the previous event and investigate each concern until you find the cause or convince yourself that it wasn't a real issue. Then, go over the car from head to toe and actively look for problems. When was the last time that you pulled the front bumper cover just to see if everything was ok underneath? You the idea - go looking for problems. Most drivers do a quick glance and think, its fine. Take a few minutes and say to yourself, "Based on what I know about my car, what would be the first problem that I would expect to crop up?". A lot of the time, you know in your heart where the lingering issues are. Then go and investigate. If you can convince yourself that the problem won't crop up, then move on to the next one. If you can't convince yourself that its going to be ok, then do something about it.

3. Timely replacement plan of known wear items: If you regularly read this forum, then you probably already have a good idea of what parts are known to commonly fail or will eventually fail (AOS, water pump, light AGM battery, wheel bearings, coil packs, etc). Put together a plan to replace these items on a scheduled basis.

4. Do a (road) test: Do a test to make sure that whatever was done on the car, was done properly and nothing else was messed up in the process. Don't just assume that whatever was done, fixed the problem or that it didn't create another problem. Many problems are like peeling an onion where the next layer is another issue.

For example, if you did some electrical work, after you confirm that the problem is indeed fixed, take 10 mins and make sure that all of the other electrical accessories are still working.

Another example, I just replaced my engine. I will drive it for a couple of days to get a sense of how its running. Cold starts. Hot starts. Smooth acceleration/deceleration. Any codes? Etc. If that goes well, then I'll take it to a dyno to make sure that its making the expected power. And if that goes well, then I'll take it to an open test day at a race tack and run it at speed for an hour or two. If that goes well, then I'm ready to go to a race weekend.
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Thanks Tom - great advice.
From growing up in my Dad's aircraft engine shop where he built racing and aerobatic aircraft engines and my days flying military aircraft, I'm comfortable with timed and preventative maintenance. I'd rather change a timed out water pump before it fails then wait for it to fail while I'm at the track or on the road.
It may cost a few extra dollars, but I have more confidence in my cars when I'm driving and I sleep better at night.

I don't understand why more guys don't have this philosophy.

I think I have a Porsche problem...
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