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A good independant shop that does alignments should either be able to set the suspension alignment correctly OR be able to give you specifics on why they can't . Sorry the reply from your P car shop is not good enough in my opinion .

Regardless on you staying with the springs you have or going back to OEM you are going to need a shop to do a four wheel alignment . Where are you located ? Is there a PCA region where you are ? PCA members may be able to suggest a good indie near you . Good luck .

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Originally Posted by HereIam View Post
Whatís the right choice?

I bought a 99 Boxster from a guy who didnít tell me about itís suspension issues, and amazingly the Porsche prepurchase inspection didnít reveal it. The problem is the previous owner put lowering springs on it, and there is no way to align the car properly now. He was in an accident, and I know whyÖ He spun it because the car has no grip!

So here is where I amÖ
Base 986 Boxster. Under 70k mi. Paid $7000.

-Other than suspension, the car appears to be clean... other than a mediocre paint job in the spots he squished.

-I donít think it is, and neither do I mechanics, but I donít think I will be comfortable until I know for certain the frame isnít bent...given the sellerís dishonesty. That will cost me $500-$1000 to find out.

-My mechanics tell me I have 2 solutions:
1. Return the car to stock suspension, $2500
2. Keep it low, but install proper racing suspension, $4-$5000

***IS RACING SUSPENSION WORTH THE MONEY???*** if I spent the money, would I enjoy a noticeable upgrade over the 986 stock suspension? Or would it be a really expensive way to lower the car 1 inch? I do like the 986 model, always felt like my last 986 could have been better planted, and having a little bit of a sleeper is appealing...But wasting money is not.

-I have spent $2200 on the major 65K tuneup
-PPI gave car clean bill of health
- I have invested $600 in personal touches

Did you test drive the car before you bought it ? $7,000 is a fair price if there's no major damage. You need to find the best local independent LATE model Porsche mechanic & let him sort out your needs.
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Originally Posted by rfuerst911sc View Post
Sorry the reply from your P car shop is not good enough in my opinion .
He is not alone. ALL of our Top/Pro indy here will also refuse similar mods.

Anything drive train/aftermarket related is simply a no-go. Only genuine Porsche parts. If you want those flashy speed yellow coil-over with cool purple anodized preload adjusters, you need to go to the 'Performance Shops'. Which are often ran by teenagers dressed in NYC style raper gears I'm affraid. Yo~Wanna to see tatoo, yu-kome-my-shop-friend, I got "RACE" stuff also LOL

You can do a test at your end; ask your shop to pull up the official vehicle's (boxster/986) data and ask them to advertise their calculations for critical damping (sprung and unsprung). By vehicle data I mean total weight, front weight in percentage, unsprung weight, motion ratio, radial stiffness, natural resonant freq + system (un-damped), etc etc etc...

You will be in for a serious laugh I promise. Beware.... you haven't even reached asking for the low & high speed compression/rebound/damping ratio yet - those special one spec'ed for the Boxster freq that basically keeps you and your second-half(or 10y/old son) alive over high speed street bumps. Try! funny stuff I tell ya

Porsche man... Porsche
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Disclosure: I know nothing about Porsche cars.

Could well be that its okay to install aftermarket suspension/links in your driveway (my neighbor did that on his Mitsubishi) and off you go to the alignment shop. Really dunno... modern/smart car parts... who knows
'97 Boxster base model 2.5L, Guards Red/Tan leather, with a new but old Alpine am/fm radio.
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Doing the right thing

I bought a really run down 01 Boxster for less than half what you paid. I've learned some things. About buying a cheap or badly mechanicked Porsche.

One, indy Porsche shops don't like them. They see the fubar suspension or blown strut dampeners, or split boots on the CV joints and immediately tell you that it's not worth fixing and I (you) should call the pick n pull and have it towed off. If it were my car, I'd take it to a alignment/suspension specialist--a shop that specializes in these services. Go first cabin on this, it's important! As someone mentioned you may need to get the frame trued up, too.

Two, there are alternatives to brand new genuine Porsche parts. There are good aftermarket alternatives--The online perveyor that starts with Rock and ends with auto, for example, sells Bilstein struts. You might investigate the suspension section for your year/model car. They also have control arms and steering components. I'd probably do all four corners on the suspension (probably will on mine.)

Three, there are parts cars that can serve as donor vehicles--in your case, I'd probably look into used stock loaded struts. Worst case, rebuild or have them rebuilt with new dampeners. Disclaimer: I live in a very dry warm climate--rubber parts degrade, but rust is unknown here.

First things first, tho. Get the poor little car so it's driveable.
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Is it possible to see a picture of just how low the car is?? This issue shouldn't really make the car unstable and have no grip. A pic from the side would be helpful
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I judged who I wanted to align my car by how many racing cars of similar make/model/vintage he had in his shop and was setting up for the track. And I was wanting a road only setup that favored tire wear! Why the racing setup guy? Because he knows the effects of the setups, not just stock and out the door and on to the next one.

Frame alignment check after an accident is done with a Porsche supplied jig or a laser driven tool. Mine was done after an accident at a very high end body shop.

Where are you located? Maybe someone can give you a recommendation.
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+500 , the alignement shop should be able to tell you what components are worn beyond adjustment

+2 if you test drove this car. I'm surprised you couldn't feel the car wandering all over the road. if the suspension was that bad I'm surprised you bought it

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