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the mother of all alarm problems.....help

so i get in the car the other day and the thing is dead!?!?!? so i figure i got other cars ill drive one of them. i did notice the hood and the trunk were open so i shut them not thinking about the battery problem. WAIT TILL YOU HEAR THIS......i follow the steps that are supposed to open the hood with the spare battery blah..blah....blah, doesnt work.5 hours later i have both front plastic inner wheel wells out looking for the elusive cable release that i later found doesnt exist on my 02 boxter with factory alarm. well i being resourceful go to the pep boys and get a ciger lighter jump kit.........STILL DONT WORK!!!!! stay with me, this is where it gets fun!!!!! i take the engine cover off (with the top up and the bose speaker box back there) and connect the starter and the ground in the proper locations to "power up" the car and guess what....smoke everywhere under the seat and it kept blowing the fuse for the power windows. well i took out the seat and the alarm control unit was fried..now i dont mean a little cooked, i mean so fried that when i tried to blow out the water(i'll get to that) the air blew the board apart that the circuit was printed on!!! ironically the fuse on the unit was intact and never blew!! so here is what i need to know...WHERE DO I GET ONE? DEALER? WHAT IS INVOLVED IN GETTING THE CAR OPERABLE...FAST!! AND WHAT ELSE COULD BE WRONG THAT MAY HAVE BEEN DAMAGED WHILE I PUT JUICE THRU THE SYSTEM TO TRY TO GET THE HOOD OPEN?. it seems the car had a little water in the seat floor all along because there was algae in the unit. tropical storm alberto came thru here the day after the system malfunctioned and left the windows down. so needless to say..CRAP!!! i need to know the quickest cheapest way to get her going.. i bought a new one tonight, and the dealer is waiting on that one!!!! they know that it is in need of repair but they are willing to wait. my new car is not a porsche as a few to many storms have blown thru central florida in the last few years and i am sick of paying 4k a year for insurance at 40 yrs old and a clean mvr!!! i loved that car for 4 years and 23,000 miles but it is eating me out of house and home now!!!! in the last 3 weeks it has been broken 5 times and this is 6!!! it never broke once during the warranty period. what do i do? i had to trade it....didnt i? i still have an audi and a vw so i wont put them out of business

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Not sure how to help you as electrical problems are very hard to diagnose over the internet, but in the future, there is a red plug in the fuse panel that you pull out, apply 12v power to, and then your trunk releases will work.
Karl Wilen
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yes sir i did that first and it did not work.that is how i ended up with ht ecig lighter kit that did not work and ultimately the direct connect to the starter and engine ground
i have to call porsche in the morning to see what he damages will be on this
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i am sick of paying 4k a year for insurance at 40 yrs old and a clean mvr!!!

Holy Smokes, who do you have insurance with? You are being ROBBED. I insure 5 vehicles for $1200/yr including the Box and a Lincoln with full coverage.
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i live in florida, if you are able to buy insurance your lucky. between the hurricanes and the illegals with no insurance the number of people and the car theft rate here........you do the math
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I too live in Florida (Fort Lauderdale, Broward County), but I only pay $800 yearly for my Boxster, and I have high coverages (250k/500k - Due to business ownership) and low deductable. My 4 door Mercedez is actually higher than my Boxster.
Check with allstate, or search around for better more affordable insurance, wether for the Porsche or another car.
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Sorry for your trouble. The Alarm Module is interconnected to all the car's systems, so when it fries, the Fusebox and/or the Memory Saver will not work to open the Hood/Trunk.

IIRC, you'll need a new Module - $$$ and copius amounts of Dealer time on a PST2 to program it. Not sure if you must replace Remote Fobs or whetehr your existing ones can be re-used. Check your insurance - maybe there's some relief there - hope so. Good Luck...

Happy Motoring!... Jim'99

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