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Why'd you choose the boxster?

lexuspilot's post in this thread got me wondering why everyone here chose the Boxster as their sports car.

I'm sure we've all talked about it at one point or another here (I know Randall's story for instance ), but for those of you that haven't, speak up!

For me, it was time for me to start looking at new cars in 2004. Five years of owning, tweaking and racing Eclipses left me with some high expectations for the kind of car I wanted. The first criterion was that I wanted a car that made me feel like I didn't need to change a thing. I started test driving and everything I tried on was lacking. "The steering sucks." "I'd want to change the dampers/springs immediately on this boat." "This is uglier than a Volvo."

I've never in my life had any big love for Porsche. I couldn't get into the way 911's looked--I actually preferred the 944 and 928. Well, we know what happened there, eh?

I had never thought much about the Boxster. I had the "pushme-pullyu" opinion about its looks, and the popular notion that it was the "Girly Porsche".

But it seemed like it might be the right thing and a couple friends told me that I really needed to give it a shot, so I took a couple different ones for a test drive. I found them lacking power and again, the suspension seemed too soft. The steering felt a little loose on-center as well. I passed it by.

Since then I've learned that maybe if I'd driven one with an 030 suspension option I would've thought differently. I went back to the dealership in early 2005 intending to test drive the 986 again when I first encountered the 987.

Took it for a test drive.

Came back with my order the next week.

This is the first car I've ever driven that felt like it was made for me (which is why I'm so hard on it for the few faults it has). It's going to take a lot of car to be better than this!

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...for the cupholders...the self-deploying spoiler cinched the deal for me.

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I wanted a car very well rounded car from the get go,not something that needed to have aftermarket parts put on it. I also researched every Porsche cars resell value,because I wanted a car that was going to hold value in the future. I found that even a well maintained 944 was worth a couple of thousand.I as well "eewww and aawwwed" the rear spoiler.
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First and foremost, I wanted a convertible. I also wanted something that was unique and not seen everyday driving around. You know, since I started looking in July of 2005, I have only seen a handful of 986's on the Chicago area roads, and only one 987!
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In 1997, I saw one weaving in and out of traffic in Houston. I was alone, but still screamed out "THAT'S THE PORSCHE I WANT!" Seeing that car actually motivated me to open a special savings account and start putting cash into it regularly to save up for the car.

What made me fall in love? The view of this car from the back. I love the looks of the Boxster from the back more than any other Porsche. Believe it or not, the convertible top was secondary, but a close second.
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I crashed my motorcycle last year at 126mph racing at the track. Left me in the hospital with a really badly smashed up tibia, lost a lot of skin on my leg dislocated my shoulder. 6 weeksn and 4 operations later I was released. 6 months later I'm finally going back to work.

I really needed to replace that open air feeling from the bike with something else that won't kill me, so I decided I wanted a convertable. I now have a plate and 12 screws in my bone to hold it together, so riding is just not an option anymore. Even a low speed crash now would leave me with a useless leg as the screws and plate would rip out and cause massive destruction to the bone chancing amputation. Having always loved Porsche but also being a tuner at heart (see my Talon stats...) I wanted something I could play with but also have fun driving.

I was split between an S2000 and Boxster. The clincher was seeing a girl driving the S2000 with a stupid body kit and wing and stickers all over it, that right there killed the S2000 for me. Plus it's still a Honda at the end of the day.

My car has the M030 suspension, Hifi stereo, and 17" wheels (plus more) so first drive really sealed the deal for me. It was basically everything I was looking for to replace what I had lost. Plus I was pretty sure I'm not going to see a Veilside body kit and APR spoiler on one driving down the street.
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The handling........having owned a 996 I liked the boxster S better. The convertible is nice, but for long trips I'd rather have the 996....oh well haha Boxster S is really the best all arounder.
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I wanted a car that I could do tons and tons of repairs to!

Just kidding of course.

No other car quite drives like a Boxster. At least, I haven't found one yet!
Rich Belloff

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I wanted a hot drop top with some prestige. Performance for me was actually secondary as most cars that I was considering (Z, Z4, A4 Cab, SLK, etc.) all performed adaquately for my laid back driving.

I look back and am so glad that I ended up with the Boxster. It is really amazing.

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I had a highly modified Dodge SRT-4. It was extremely fast in a straight line. But I got tired of driving in a straight line. I told my boss that I was going to replace the SRT, so he let me drive his '05 GT3. After that I knew I had to have a Porsche. I was originally going to buy a Cayman but after I saw how much it was going to be w/ the options I wanted I decided I better wait. I drove the Boxster S and was very impressed. I bought one! I am vary happy with the decision that I made.
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True story of how I bought a Boxster.

I wanted an S2000. I'd had an RSX and an Integra and I love Honda's high-revving four cylinders. So I went to the closest Honda dealer to have a go at it. In the showroom they had a yellow on black S2000. The salesman asked if he could help me, and I told him I wanted this car right here, and I'd like a test drive. He told me that I could not test drive the car without placing a deposit on it. I said there was no way I was going to put money down on a $33k car without driving it - Mercedes will gladly let me drive an SLK, and I've already driven BMW Z3s. He says "Let me talk to the boss". After waiting for this clown for about 10 minutes I told the lady at the desk that I was going to another Honda dealer and that I wouldn't be back.

On the way home, literally about 7 minutes up the road, I passed a dealership specializing in pre-owned European cars. Stopped in, asked to test a black '01 Boxster they had on the lot. The girl got me the keys, and all it took was me mashing the throttle on an on-ramp with the top down.

I bought the car.

To this day I still thin the S2000 is a fine car and would have made a fine choice. All that salesman had to do was put me in the car for ten minutes and he could've made my money. Instead someone else made it just a half hour later.

True story.

What really sold me about the box was the handling.. You just can't touch mid-engined handling dynamics. And I'd always loved the styling. I was never a 911 fan but the Box seems just right to me. I love every mile I've covered in it and I can't wait until the end of the month when I can get it out of storage.

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Had an '81 911 Targa and wanted a more modern sports car, but still a Porsche. For example one that had an air conditioner that actually worked. Also, less stuff that could be on the edge of needing replacement, like power window hardware ($), fuel pumps ($$), idle compensators ($$$) and valve guides ($$$$$$$$$).
The cost of a newer 911 (993 or 996) was prohibitive considering that the car is, for me, basically a summertime fun car.
I have loved the smooth styling of the Boxster since the first time I saw the prototype show car. So the decision was easy, really.
Regrets? I've had a few, but then again, too few to mention.
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My cousin bought the Boxster back in 1997 when they first came out. At the time i was 11years old but absolutely loved cars. I knew from the day that car came home that I wanted one when I get my license. So when the time came and my dad asked me what car I wanted I put my foot down and said PORSCHE BOXSTER. He was totally against it and didn’t even come with me to the dealership to buy it. I had to go do it all myself.....Oh well I got it and that’s all that matters.
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First of all I have always loved the design of the Boxster over the 911, especially the way the back of it looks. Driving to Virginia beach one day and saw a white 986 crusing down the highway. There was a really attractive blonde in the passenger seat and her hair was flowing gracefully in the wind. I turned to the wife and said, " I am getting one!" She said " I saw it first!" The rest is history.
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I had a similar experience as BuffaloBoxster. It wasn't even a new S2000! I was looking at a $24,000 S2K on the used car lot of a Volkswagen Dealership (Lewisville Volkswagen, booooo!). At the time, I had never driven one and wanted to know if I could fit in it (6'2" 240). Salesman said nope, not unless I've got a deposit. $24k cars must be for the rich folk.

Turns out I can't fit. Either way, no sale... but guess what, now Lewisville VW is on my "Do not recommend" list (and now you all know -so tell your friends).

So why'd I choose the Boxster? A) I fit, and B) That Sound!
(but not in that order)

Plus I got a killer deal -cheaper than the Honda!
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Originally Posted by RandallNeighbour
In 1997, I saw one weaving in and out of traffic in Houston. I was alone, but still screamed out "THAT'S THE PORSCHE I WANT!" Seeing that car actually motivated me to open a special savings account and start putting cash into it regularly to save up for the car.

What made me fall in love? The view of this car from the back. I love the looks of the Boxster from the back more than any other Porsche. Believe it or not, the convertible top was secondary, but a close second.
I agree with RandallNeighbour that the back view of the Boxster is just awesome!
Other reasons why I am in the market for a Boxster is I am getting tired of BMWs of which I have had 4 and still have 2 and still playing around with them for the past 15 years. I want a sports car now rather than sport sedans. The sound of the engine revving behind you with that distinct growl is just captivating. It may not have the sound of an italian stallion, but it is distinctive. Even though a lot consider the 911 as the ultimate Porsche, I prefer the looks of the Boxster and the mid-engine set-up (rather than the tail-heavy set-up).
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Smile My Reasons

okay, I have to be totally honest here. One of the main reasons that I bought the Boxster was the price. My wife and I had always dreamed of owning a convertible Porsche, but always thought they were about $40K or $50K. Way out of my price range for buying a 3rd car that was to be our "fun" car. Then we were passing by a dealership and saw a Boxster for $21,000. A Porsche for $21K, no way! We stopped immediately. It was a 2000 Boxster, silver with a black top and in great condition. I haggled the price down to $19,500 and next thing I knew we were driving it off the lot. You can't beat buying a convertible Porsche for $20K.
Since then I have fallen in love with the beautiful body styling. Best looking small car convertible out there, you can't name a better looking car.
Love the mid-engine handling. I was taking turns at the racetrack that I could not believe.
Love the sound of that engine. Love the Porsche quality.
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Why Boxster?

I've owned Porsches for over 36 years. Often two a time. I fell in love with the Boxster from Day 1. But remained a 911 coupe guy who figured the Box was a cheaper way back into a "nice" Porsche compared to my primitive 914-6 that tended to melt my wife in summer. (She's a northern CA girl who has not adapted to NC summers.)

When I determined I could afford a used 996 Coupe or a new Box I had a decision to make. I realized I had shifted to preferring the Boxster (to me it's a mid-engine Speedster) whether it was new or used. Wife helped with assurance a ragtop with A/C would be fun for her and not to worry about melting her.

A lot of optioning research to figure what was gotta have, notta have and nice to have and then it was just a matter of finding the car. We both love the car after two years and 12k miles for all the reasons Boxster lovers understand.

Oh-by-the-OT-way: I came to hate dealers who don't post prices on the net.
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Porsche ownership has always been a dream (a goal) - kind of presumptious to get behind the wheel of a 911 as Resident Physician (although, if I had the money, I'd have to say the hell with that!!). So, the Boxster is my starting point for building a long future of Porsche ownership and enjoyment (my five year old daughter is already infected - she asked the other day if she could have the car when I'm old and die - should be a while - I'm floating in my early 30's)

The 987 was also something that had greater likelihood that I'd drive it for the next 7 years (my wife's stipulation, if I got a new car that I kept it through my residency and fellowship training) - other cars that I looked at were G35 coupe, 350z, s2000 and used m3. All had the likelihood of boredom onset within a few years, I'm sure. The Boxster, as I've stated before, will hopefully stay with us for a long time (beyond my training - in fact, hopefully it's what I'll drive to the Porsche dealership in, oh let's say, 8 years, when I order my new 911. And, I can proudly boast that my first Porsche was a virgin!

To be honest, I've carried the assumption, in the past, that the Boxster was the poor man's Porsche or a too every day kind of Porsche. With my 987, I've come to realize that is far from the truth - this is an incredibly engineered car and I'm excited to push it to its limits!

Finally, having a car that makes some of my attending physicians jealous - that's priceless!!!!!

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Sold - 03 VW Beetle Silver - way too modified!
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