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Did anyone have this problem?

I just picked up my Boxster 2 days ago and am still having trouble getting a complete feel for the clutch. Does anyone else think the clutch is sensitive? How long did it take for you to get a complete feel for the clutch? Was anyone else having trouble when they first picked theirs up?

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Getting use to a "new" (new to you) clutch always takes a little time. Have you drived stick before the Boxster?
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Have you driven German cars before? They clutch differently from US or Japanese cars. The best way I can describe it is "higher and tighter".
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Old 10-23-2005, 06:02 AM   #4
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I agree with bmussatti. It takes a bit of time to get used to it. For some (like my wife) it can be mastered by the second "launch". For others (yours truly), the time frame can be measured in months and then only temporarily mastered since we forget over the winter and have to relearn it next driving season!

A friendly word of advice. Don't take the car downtown until you are very familiar with the clutch, otherwise, it can be a very humbling experience, believe me.

Now, go practice!
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Because I don't drive my Box daily, I seem to kill the engine in 1st gear getting into my garage, which is up a small incline. Happens about once a month or so... and it only happens when I'm not thinking about what I'm doing.

This car doesn't seem to be one that is driven well on "driver auto pilot".

I always tell friends who drive my car (every time they drive it, not just the first time) that the engine will die if they don't give it a little more fuel on the takeoff than would be normally expected since they all learned to drive manual transmissions on rice burners.
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My '00 S clutch seemed nice and tight for a bit and suddenly became very sensitive and a bit spongy. A trip to the dealership revealed a TSB stating the clutch pedal assembly needed replacing. After this, the clutch was not nearly as sensitive and was nice and tight and maybe a bit "heavier" than before. Very easy to drive. Perfect feel and easy to modulate.

As an aside...drive a G35 6 speed. The clutch feels like a tightly wound spring is there to pop the clutch back up! I cannot drive that car without stalling every 3 stops! Infinity says that is the way the clutch should feel! I cant imagine that.
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Racing style clutch baby, yeahhh! It's quicker to grab than most clutches. It took us about a month to get used to it (coming from a Jeep Wrangler).
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I'm really glad to see this string. I was beginning to think I was the only one having problems with getting used to the clutch.

I'm in my 5th decade of life and have had quite a few manual transmission cars. Granted they have NOT been "quality cars". Over the years I've had VW bugs, light trucks and a 850 Fiat Spyder (embarassed to mention that one).

I purchased my Boxster this Summer in downtown Chicago. It was a scary trip back to Michigan. I stalled the car several times....and that is a big deal on Mich Ave.

After several months of practice I am a lot better but not perfect. I have the same problem that Randall mentions. I do stall it occasionally.

For me the bottom line is this: I can't daydream...it seems that I have to concentrate or I will screw up..
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I had the same problem myself when I purchased my '98 about 7 months ago, the clutch seemed sensitive and the release point seemed a tad "high".....I wasn't driving stick hardly at all for years, so it took some getting used to.....I occasionally dump it coming out of first, maybe once a month like Randall said....

Just takes getting used to really....

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It took me about a month...I still have to concentrate a little more than my other cars.
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I previously got up on a soapbox about this one with those archived posts on clutch use and upshifting/downshifting. Rather than ramble on again I'd comment that if you're having trouble with the Boxster's "clutch", the root cause is incorrect modulation of the gas pedal during the clutch take-up.

If you lead with the heel/bottom, followed by the middle, then front/top of the foot you'll have better shifting then trying to press the gas peddle down leading with the front of the foot. (same goes with the clutch foot as I mentioned previously).

I'm also now very much a believer in the other individual's point (forget who in that thread) which suggested the ideal seating position in a Porsche is achieved when the right foot is able to push in the clutch pedal.

Interesting comment DeliriousGA. I drove a manual Wrangler for a couple years in College and I fondly recollect it as the easiest car to shift that I've ever driven.

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Perhaps the bottom hinged gas pedal is partly to blame?

I have to say that I kill the Box more often coming from a standing start than any other cars I've owned - cars that went from horrible (1987 Plymouth Duster) to absolutely perfect (Integra GSR). Not giving it enough gas is to blame, which surprises me since my last two cars - the Integra and an RSX Type S - are not known for being torquey cars.

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