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I'm torn...what would you do?

I have the oppurtinity to sell my Boxster and buy a 993 C2. There's so many thoughts of "hell yeah" and then so many thoughts of "I don't know". I LOVE my Boxster but, I also love this 993. I've been itching for more power in the Boxster, solved with the 993. I've been wanting a little more room lately, solved with the 993. But, I've driven both and on spirited drives through the mountains, they've both got it.

I'd be giving up a convertible which I'm content with as I've been thinking about the Zeintop.

I don't know, I love them both but, in different ways. What would you do?



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I'd go for it. A 993 is probably the last 911 that I would consider. The 993 value isn't going to depreciate much so buying it is not too tough a decision. You can always sell it and get in another boxster. Life is short, experience it all.
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yeah, no comparison, take the 993, fck a boxster when compared to that timeless ride.
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Is that an actual photo of the 993 you'd be getting? It looks pretty good.
Are you trading in or selling your car yourself?

Perhaps I'm not a purist or maybe my love for Porsche was a bit late to bloom, but the air-cooled cars didn't/don't do anything for me. I just see them as older Porsches. I, for one, prefer latest and greatest.

I am extremely curious to know what you can get for your car (with the conversion -if that makes a difference), as I am in a similar situation (wanting a 996 C4S). It's funny, all your wants in the 993 are identical to mine. Size, power, and fun.

If you end up keeping the Boxster, avoid that Zientop! Ug. Use that money towards something engine-y. Or for some rims/tires.
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I know alot of you will disagree with me, but I would keep the Boxster.
First, I think the Boxster is a better looking car. Especially the lines of the back of the car. I also like the way a mid engine car handles compared to rear engine cars. And most important, keep the convertible. I was driving last night in Tampa with the top down, the stars were out and got to see the light from the space shuttle taking off toward the eastern sky. Priceless.

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I really have not had a chance to spend much time behind the wheel of the 911. I was wondering of those that have had some time driving both the Boxster and the 911, which is more fun to drive. Or which would be more fun to drive with similar power, like if you did one of the engine conversions for the Boxster.


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I'm no help here, the 993 is high on my list of wish to own too. If I had to give up one for the other... I would have to take the 993 out for several test drives, back-to-back with the boxster to help make a decision. Is there any chance of you trading cars with the seller for a week?

Good luck with it, seems like a win-win which ever way you go.

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not even a question
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Is that the 993? Its, umm, yellow. Nobody pointed that out yet. Of course you have to get the air-cooled yellow one. There are very few cars that sound better than a Boxster -- this is one.

BUT, for me, my Boxster is a daily driver. I wouldn't get a 993 for that.
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Go with the 993... even if you drive it for a year and then get another Boxster. You arent losing the Box forever you know. That yellow 993 is sick looking by the way!!
Joe DiMonte
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A large air cooled vw engine located behind the read wheels vs. a mid engined roadster.

Hmm, You're call but I woud keep the box.

That's just me.
Rich Belloff

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Put the 993 wheels on the Boxster and compromise...

I like the 993, however the chassis dynamics are no match for the Boxster platform regardless of how much Porsche obfuscates that fact to protect the 911 juggernaut. Your car is beautiful, I'd contact Jake Raby, extend your engine life while adding serious muscle to the engine. A superfast Boxster at a lower cost than a 993 replacement is my next move. In the resale market, anyone who does their homework will someday value the M96 corrections and if they don't at least you got to enjoy the performance. It will be a sleeper too, below insurance company and wise guy radar.

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is that THE 993 you are looking to buy? it looks NICE.

the only 911 i have driven is my bro in law's 996. sport technic wheels, aero kit, it looks awesome. when it is sitting ther eparked - it looks great. it wold tu rn more heads than a boxster - for sure. but i have driven it and I honestly don't think it's as fun.

the top down experience on the boxster is a big part of the fun factor - at least to me. if i could ONLY drive my box with the top up it wuldn't be nearly as fun.

test drive it and your box back to back a few times - then sleep on it - and see if you can't stop thinking abotu the 993.
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993 all the way.
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I have both; a 2001 Boxster S and a 1997 993 Cab. They are both great cars but are very differant cars. Drive the 993 and see what you think. The market is very weak on all cars right now and there are some great deals to be had on 993s.

Take a look at the Rennlist 993 forum; http://forums.rennlist.com/rennforums/forumdisplay.php?f=58

Good luck. My 993 with a few mods;

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Buy the 993 and keep the Box. If your 'ol lady gives you fits tell her she can have one, but in reality their both yours!
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Originally Posted by fatmike
BUT, for me, my Boxster is a daily driver. I wouldn't get a 993 for that.
I think fatmike brings up a great point. That 993 is beautiful, and I would love to own one. I wouldn't however want to drive it daily. Would it be a daily driver if you get it?

Originally Posted by EE3racing
Great word EE3racing!

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You don't state the year of the 993. '95s are good cars, but don't have the varioram of the later cars. That said, '96 thru '98s have the secondary air injection problems that arise on higher mileage (50k +). The dreaded CEL comes on and you're usually looking at a top end rebuild.

I have owned and driven numerous 993s and very much enjoy them. However, they are very different cars to a Boxster. Driving them these days, they have a dated feel to them, but not nearly as much as an earlier generation Carrera. My friend has a '98 Carrera S, which is a wonderful car. However, it doesn't feel any faster than my Box S and the controls, shifter, etc, feel dated. It is also fairly heavy and does not have the same sharpness a Box has on the twisties.

They are very popular cars and the hardcore 911 guys covet them as the last of the great air cooled models. Only you can decide which you like better.

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