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Originally Posted by clb0099
do you think i should add the bypass pipes as well? Maybe that added to the sound. What do you think boxtaboy ?
Honestly, if it's just for sound, I think the muffler modification is enough. A couple of weeks ago, I watched someone install the cat bypass pipes, but he kept his stock OEM muffler in place. There was virtually no sound increase after the install. Changing the muffler alone would've made a bigger sound difference. My Dansk exhaust with my factory cats in place was still louder than his setup.

Also, keep in mind that the cat bypass pipes are technically illegal to install (even if you pass emmissions testing), as altering your emmissions system in any way is not permitted, and carries serious fines if noticed. If all you are looking for is race car like sound, just buy a Borla, GHL, or B&B cat back exhaust. That'll do it.

Or, just modify your muffler to a bypass design. The sound will be noticeably different.
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